Natural Eye Floaters Treatment

Natural Eye Floaters Treatment

Eye floaters are those tiny spots, specks and thread-like strands that float aimlessly around in your field of vision. They are very common, but usually pose no harm or interfere with your eyesight. Although eye floaters move with the eyes, they do not follow the precise movement of the eyes.

Eye floaters often appear when tiny pieces of the eye’s crystal-like deposit in the vitreous break loose from within the inner back portion of the eye. Inflammation and bleeding in the eye resulting from retinal tears and blood vessel problems are also general causes of eye floaters. On rare occasions they may also be caused by:

• Eye surgery
• Eye tumor
Diabetic retinopathy
• Eye injury
• Eye disease

Most eye floaters are just annoying and can be easily cleared off your vision field by moving your eyes. Hence one may not need treatment. However, if they are so large and copious to the extent that they can affect your vision, then your eye doctor may recommend the following cure for eye floaters:

Laser therapy for eye floaters

During laser therapy, the doctor aims a laser at the big fragments in your vitreous in order to break them up, making them smaller and less obvious. This procedure for treating eye floaters is still experimental and not used widely. Although some people see instant improvement after laser therapy, others see slight or no difference. A potential risk associated with the laser therapy is that the retina can be totally damaged if the laser is aimed incorrectly.

 Surgery for eye floaters

Vitrectomy surgery can also be performed to remove the vitreous and the floating debris in your eyes by creating a small incision and replacing it with a solution to retain the shape of your eyes. The solution in the vitreous is usually replaced with a salt solution since it is mostly water with no obvious difference compared to the original vitreous. With time this solution is naturally replaced by the body. Vitrectomy may not get rid of the floaters totally. If the surgery results in retinal tears and bleeding, then new floaters can still be formed. Most doctors would not recommend this surgical process, especially if the eye floaters do not cause significant visual impairment. This is because vitrectomy carries huge risks and complications that include retinal tears, retinal detachment, cataract etc., which may cause significant damage to the eyes.

Even though most floaters do not affect your vision, a sudden onset of flashes and floaters is a crucial sign from your eyes that you should not ignore. Whenever you experience sudden changes in your eye, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. Equally important is the need to go for regular eye checks so that your doctor will be updated on any changes or abnormalities in your eyes. Another benefit of regular checkups is that it makes it possible for your doctor to detect eye floaters or other eye injuries before they cause permanent damage to your eyes.

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