Natural Supplements To Increase Milk Supply

Natural Supplements To Increase Milk Supply

The biggest worry that a nursing mother may have is whether or not she is producing sufficient milk. If you are concerned about bumping up your milk production rest easy: The following are proven tips to increase your breast milk production:

Tip #1 Nurse, Nurse and Nurse

The most effective way to increase breast milk supply is to increase the demand. This is why you need to nurse your baby often. During the first few weeks after giving birth, breastfeeding should be done every two to three hours. You should remember that crying is usually a late sign of hunger, so try to pick up early signs of hunger. The more you nurse your baby the more milk your breast will produce.

Tip #2 Don’t use Dummies/Pacifiers, nipple shield or Bottles

Milk production is increased when your nipple is stimulated: dummies and pacifiers are less likely to satisfy oral stimulation and can even reduce hunger making the baby less likely to nurse. Note that the more your baby breastfeed, the more your breast produces milk.

Tip #3 Eating a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Breastfeeding moms need 500 calories more compared to non-breastingfeeding women. Ensure that your meals are healthy and balanced to enhance milk production. It is recommended that you should drink lots of liquids about 12 – 8 oz. glasses a day. Ensure that your meal include sufficient amount of leafy vegetables as well as good fats like chia seeds, avocado, nuts, salmon and eggs. Your calories should not come from processed food, but fresh vegetables and protein. Do not go on a diet while nursing, especially when you are trying to establish your supply. You can also try out some herbal supplements to increase breast milk supply like brewer’s yeast, fenugreek etc.

Tip 4# Nurse skin-to-skin

Nursing skin-to-skin not only helps with bonding for mama and baby, but has been proven to stimulate both the release of milk producing and ejecting hormones.

Tip 5# Add in a pumping session

A pumping session in-between breastfeeding will stimulate the body to produce more milk. Breast compression is another easy and simple way to help your baby get more milk. While breastfeeding, newborn babies often fall asleep when the flow of milk slows down, even if they haven’t had enough. Breast compression assists with the continuous flow of milk, so the baby gets more hindmilk.

Tip 6# Make Some Lifestyle Changes

Without realizing it some of your daily habits may be affecting your milk production. Some of these include smoking, stress or a combination of some medication or birth control pill. Making a few changes to your lifestyle can go a long way to increase your milk supply.

Tip 7# Get enough sleep and stay relaxed

Different studies have shown that mothers produce more milk when they are calm and relaxed. So find enough time to relax and sleep. This may not be easy, especially with a newborn, but still you can find time to get some sleep. Try to keep things simple, you can also get a babysitter or a family member to help you out. Sleep when the baby naps.

Tip 8# Evaluate your baby’s Latch

Ensure that your newborn baby is latched on correctly. This is often the major reason why your milk production may not be sufficient as it should be. If your baby is not latched on rightly then it will be difficult for the baby to remove the milk from your breast. You can contact your doctor or lactation consultant for help in determining if your baby is latched on correctly.

Follow these simple tips and you will significantly increase your milk production.

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